Get Out and Vote Photoshop Poster

Get Out and Vote Photoshop Poster

And We’re Back. Just in time to vote.

We don’t get overly political on this channel. Heck, we aren’t political at all. However, with today being midterm elections, we thought this would be a very appropriate video for the times.

During our break, we have also taken a closer look at our video production process.  The intros are the most fun to record. Everyone has a good time with it and it’s fun. With that being said, the videos were getting kind of long. So we shortened the videos, kept the intro fun, and sped up the whole tutorial.

We know that some of you out there like the full-length tutorials. If you like what we’re doing and/or want access to the full-length photoshop tutorial, please check out our Patreon page. A dollar a month is a little more than nothing to tell us that we are doing a good job.

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