Inside Out with Kinsley

Inside Out with Kinsley

We get inside Kinsley’s head with the team from Inside Out.

Ever wonder what’s going on inside the head of your kids? I do all of the time. We take a picture of Kinsley and use her as the silhouette in our movie poster. Kinsley provides some commentary as we work and we create a fun little poster that she wants to use as a background on her phone.

The process is really pretty simple once we get a good selection.  Fill the selection with black, create a white background, add the characters and few design elements. Nail down a clipping mask to kind of crop the design elements to the shape of the head, add text, and we’re done.

We hope you enjoy the video. If you want to give the tutorial a try, please feel free to share your end results. We’d also like to hear some ideas of what you would like to see in future videos. If you have suggestions, leave a comment on our video.

We did get a new Patreon page setup, so if you liking what we’re doing and want more, check us out on Patreon.


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