Jurassic Confrontation

Jurassic Confrontation

Kapri in Jurassic World
Kapri finds herself face to face with a beast.

If there is one kid in the world that is capable of confronting a dinosaur, it’s this young lady. She is full of piss and vinegar and will be quite a teenager someday.  Until then, we are just going to put her face-to-face with the only thing that could possibly slow her down.

Watch as we get crazy with Kapri and a poster from Jurassic World.  We use a lot of clone stamping so you may want to take a look at Kinsley taking a pole out of her head. The final result ended up looking pretty realistic and that was our whole goal.

We did get a new Patreon page setup, so if you liking what we’re doing and want more, check us out on Patreon.


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