She Took a Light Pole Out of Her Head

She Took a Light Pole Out of Her Head

Clone Stamp and Content Aware
Kinsley takes a light pole out her head.

Kinsley shares a little about her weekend and then helps her sister with a little cosmetic problem.  The fun doesn’t end there though, she follows it up with taking a light pole out of her head.

The two tools we are using today is the clone stamp (S) tool and content aware.  Between the two of these tools, nothing will ever be out of place in your images ever again.

The trick with the clone stamp tool is to grab a good selection area first. You grab a selection with the ALT key on the keyboard. With a good target area, you can adjust your brush size and just start painting. MAGIC.

Content Aware is easier to use with large open areas. Get a good selection around the area you want gone. Go to the Edit menu and choose Fill. Inside the fill menu, choose Content Aware. Click OK and voila.

We did get a new Patreon page setup, so if you liking what we’re doing and wany more, check us out on Patreon.


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