She Has a Purple Eye

She Has a Purple Eye

Purple Eye
Changing the color of eyes, or anything, is super easy.

Snow. Snow in April. Not just a small amount of snow but lots and lots of snow. Sigh…..

Easter got a us a little behind in publishing videos but we do have some recorded and in the queue.  Kinsley shows you how to change the color of everyday objects. It works for everything, eyes, clothes, cars, everything.  The effect is non-destructive and is super simple to learn.

All you need is a good, clean, selection in order to pull this effect off. Eyes are pretty easy and we show you how to make a selection with eyes but if you need a refresher on how to make a good selection, check out Karsten’s video on Selection in Photoshop.

Aside from that, a good selection and a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and you’re done. Be sure to check the colorize checkbox and play with the sliders until your heart in content.  Hue = color. Saturation = how bright the color is. Enjoy.


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