Cheating Death in Photoshop

Cheating Death in Photoshop

Runaway Train
How to give the illusion of motion in a still image.

What better way to spend spring break than to have the kids do another video.  It wasn’t all business on this break though, the kids should have been in school. We’ve been snowed in the last two days and made quite an impressive snow fort all morning. In this tutorial, Kinsley flies solo teaching you how to come up with an effect that adds the illusion of movement.

The effect is really pretty simple once you get the main object cut out.  Make sure you take a look at Karsten’s video on cutting things out in order to rock this effect.

Most people are going to think we just stick a motion blur on this and call it good but not today. We do something a little different here and really make this thing pop. With the right pose, this effect works great on people too.  The original photo was taken with a cell phone, no fancy camera or lens necessary.

Make sure you check the disclaimer in the video because I’m not condoning hoodlums playing on train tracks. Some other video, some other time.  Enjoy and be sure to like and subscribe.


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