Text Masking in Photoshop

Text Masking in Photoshop

Text Masking in Photoshop
Karsten shows bat dad how to mask in photoshop.

Karsten shows bat dad how to masking in photoshop. Masking in photoshop is non-destructive, super powerful, and super easy. Create a really fun effect using text, an image, and masking.

Find a nice image and make sure you get it cut out. With the desired image that you want to be cut out, get some text on the page. Use the type tool (T) in Photoshop. Be sure to choose a nice thick/bold font because the image is going to show up within the type.

Make the words tight both vertically and horizontally.  Use the character panel to do this. Window > Character.  Leading will adjust the amount of space in between your lines.

Command+Click the type layer to get a selection of the type, select the image layer, hit the mask button, polish it up, and BAM! DONE!


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