Selections in Photoshop

Selections in Photoshop

Karsten takes on making a good selection with the quick select tool in Photoshop.

I new video is up.  Karsten took his turn this time and tried his hand at selections in Photoshop.  He did a pretty good job overall.

In this tutorial, Kartsen runs through how to make a good, clean, selection within Photoshop.  Getting good selections is probably the single most important detail to get right.  There are a few more different ways to make selections be we focus on the quick selection tool, (W) on your keyboard.

Once the tool is a selected, a quick click + drag will get you what you need. If you select too much of an unwanted area, just hold down Option on your keyboard to remove a selection.  The quick select tool is pretty smart and pretty powerful. It learns as you go in order to refine the selection as much as possible.

After making the selection, you can click the button at the top of the option bar that says, “Select and Mask.”  This will allow you to visualize what the selection would look like on either a light or dark background and refine the edge some more. This is especially useful when working with hair but don’t expect it to work miracles. You still need a nice selection to begin with. With the edges refined, go ahead and choose decontaminate colors (this will take a little off the edge to prevent halos) and export to a new layer with layer mask. BAM! DONE!

What for more videos on how to cut things out because like I said, there are multiples ways to accomplish this.


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