Pop Art by Kinsley

Pop Art by Kinsley

Pop Art
Kinsley’s Pop Art project and her first time doing anything in Photoshop.

The first video is live. We recorded, laughed, re-recorded, laughed some more, posted, and we’re still laughing. The process was a lot of fun and the kids love the way it turned out.

Pop art was a fun little effect to get Kinsley used to the interface. Photoshop is intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. At any given time, there are typically three to four different ways of accomplishing the same task. Don’t let it scare you.

If you’re looking for a little step-by-step of how we did it, here is what it looks like all written out:

  1. Cut the model out and put it on a separate layer (See Cut Shtuff Out Video Рcoming soon).
  2. Right click the model layer and convert the model layer to a smart object.
  3. Double-click the name of the layer and rename the layer poster.
  4. Cmd+J to duplicate the layer and rename the copy Halftone.
  5. Choose the poster layer and go up the Filter menu.
  6. Choose Filter Gallery > Artistic > Poster Edges
  7. Adjust the settings to make it look like a comic book and click Ok. Varies based on image resolution.
  8. Choose Halftone layer and go up to Filter menu.
  9. Choose Pixelate > Color Halftone.
  10. Radius set to 8 > Ok. Again it varies on image resolution.
  11. Change the blend mode of Halftone layer to Soft Light.
  12. Add a new layer below both Halftone and poster. Cmd+Shift+N
  13. Rename the layer Background.
  14. Fill Background with white. Shift+F5 to pull up the fill panel.
  15. Double-click Background to pull up layer style panel.
  16. Check Stroke > Size=23, Inside, Color=White, Done.
  17. Check Inner Glow > Color=Black, Blend Mode=Normal, Opacity=100%, Choke=100%, Size=25px.
  18. Check Color Overlay.
  19. Choose any bright color background.
  20. Add type as needed.

Keep your eyes open for the next video and check out this video.


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